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  “ I n d e p e n d e n t , E x c l u s i v e , Unique”

  CAIJING Magazine was established by China Stock Exchange Executive

  Council (SEEC) in 1998. Since its establishment, CAIJING has consistently adhered to its editing concepts of “Independent Standpoint,Exclusive Coverage and Unique Perspective.” Following the media principles of authority, justice and professionalism, CAIJING closely follows changes in China’s economic system and the country’s progress towards transforming itself into a modern market-oriented economy.

  CAIJING observes and analyzes major moves of China’s economic reform, crucial trends of government policymaking and big events of the capital market. It provides timely investigative reports of major events and important public figures that influence the development of China and the world, giving its readers authoritative facts and opinions on finance and economy.

  Not limiting itself to the function of reporting news, CAIJING takes social responsibilities on its own strong and well-connected media platform to make tremendous positive impacts on the process of market regulation development and policy-making as well as China’s transition towards a modern society.

  Nowadays, CAIJING broadened its reporting scopes to the cause of social

  well-being including articles of Facts About China’s New Medical Reform

  (2009), The Ugly Truth About organ Donations(2009), Probe into the

  CCTV Blaze(2010), No Autonomy, No University(2011), Parasitic Red Cross(2011) and China at Another Critical Reform Juncture (2012),all

  of which drew widespread attention throughout society.

  CAIJING is a leading Chinese media brand. It absorbs an independent vision

  under the global context and obtains high credibility among the general public and major government bodies.

  As China’s most influential media specializing in reporting financial and business news, CAIJING is a best known magazine by Chinese policymakers, scholars and corporate executives.

  In 2013, CAIJING released 37 issues, with a circulation of 371,412, as

  verified by BPA.



  • 金融部门管理者、决策者
  • 专业投资机构及个人投资者
  • 董事长、总裁、总经理
  • 首席财务官、投资管理总监、风险管理总监、法律总监、市场总监
  • 金融及地产专业咨询、服务机构


  • 展望中国金融业发展的国际化前景
  • 解读经济调整与金融改革最新动向
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