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  China International Legal Affairs & Culture Exchange Center (“CILACEC”) is an independent third party platform for legal service and integration of resources, focusing on educating Chinese companies who are doing or are going to do business overseas to be smoothly involved into the international business community, and help business people from other countries understand Chinese business culture better.

  The Mission of CILACEC is to bridge between China and the global business community by providing services and information designed to help Chinese business navigate legal and cultural differences,effectively communicate legal and culture issues for them and supply solutions, and help foreign business partners to understand China as well.

  CILACEC was founded by Angel Yingjun Wang, who is an attorney licensed with both China and New York State Bar. Angel is a partner with LongAn Law Firm, one of the oldest and biggest law firm based in Beijing. She is also the Vice Chair with the American Bar Association Business Law Section Business & Corporate Litigation Committee International Litigation Subcommittee. Before she became an attorney, she was a business woman, and graduated from Tsinghua University School of Economics & Management with an International MBA degree. Angel is also a frequent speaker for international legal professional conferences, and she has publications with high profile media. Angel is very active in international practice and cooperates extensively with foreign lawyers. Therefore, she is adept at the differences between Chinese law and American law, and culture difference between the two countries. Having seen Chinese business encountered serious legal and culture issues in the course of globalization, Angel established CILACEC to promote the communication and cooperation for cross broader business to lower transaction cost and risk because of legal and culture issues.

  As we all know, America and China are the top two biggest economic entities in the world. There has been increasing trade and business between these two countries in recent years. However, because of the conflicting legal cultures between the two countries, more disputes arise as a result. Chinese companies want to do business in the U.S., and actually the American government welcomes Chinese companies to invest in the U.S. to relieve the pressure of high unemployment and for other economic and social benefits. But most of the investment by Chinese companies was not successful.

  Because the laws and cultures in these two countries are so disparate, Chinese companies who do business with American companies or invest in the U.S. often face legal issues governed by American law. Lacking a thorough understanding of US law, many of these Chinese companies have encountered huge losses. Without understanding the right reasons and solutions, those companies felt that they were treated unequally, and they do not know how to keep going. Chinese companies need help, especially help on legal advice as they expand globally.

  Therefore, it is very important for citizens and companies of both China and the U.S. to become more familiar with the legal environment for international trade and for setting up new business enterprises, and the laws and procedures for the litigation and settlement of disputes that naturally arise out of business dealings with one another. This is especially true if the two countries are continually to be the second biggest trading partners to each other in the expanded global economy. Only with a thorough understanding of conflicting legal cultures and dispute resolutions, based upon recognized laws and procedures, can trade flourish and confidence and trust be established and maintained. Understanding each other’s legal culture is very helpful in smoothing the development of economic cooperation in the two countries.

  To help Chinese companies solve the problems they encounter or may face as they develop more internationally, CILACEC will host the first Law and Economy: China America Legal Forum—Management of Legal Risk for International Business with Caijing, the most prestigious business and financial magazine in China, and Harvard Business Review China. We will invite Over 200 business executives from over 100 top tier Chinese companies who are doing or are going to do business in the U.S., including dozens of the most extraordinary and influential business leaders from China, American and Chinese judges and attorneys, and officers from Chinese government departments to attend the grand event. We aim to set up a platform for those people for deep communication and cooperation for a long term. By addressing the management of international legal risk for Chinese companies, we aim to let the leadership and experts from business and the legal industry from the two countries exchange ideas and get to know one another better, and to encourage the decision makers from the two countries to hear their voices and think about it.

  The Forum will be held once a year every year regularly. Except the Forum, many other events will be held regularly too. The management of CILACEC is through membership. We welcome Chinese companies who are doing or are going to do business overseas, especially in the U.S., and Chinese and foreign law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms, and all the other entities who may supply professional services to these Chinese companies in their globalization to become members. We hope members can find opportunities for business or cooperation through this platform. We also supply training, consulting, networking opportunities, and other professional services including customized service to members.


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